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 Red Foxes - Pictures
Picture source:
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Red Foxes - Appearance

Red Foxes are easily recognized by their fur, which is dense and may come in a few color patterns. The color ranges from yellowish red to deep brown on the upper part of the body. The underside is usually ashy to slated. The tail is bushy, with a white or black tip. Most Red Foxes are bright rusty-red with black on the feet, legs, and on the back of the ears. Hunters value the silver fox greatly, which comes in silver to black. Another type of the coat color is reddish brown and is seen in cross foxes.

The Red Fox has tail glands that are positioned about 75 mm from the tail root. The eyes are usually yellow, whereas the nose is black or dark brown. There are 5 claws on the manus and 4 claws on the pes. The length of the body is about 39-41 inches, whereas the weight is 10-15 pounds.

Red Foxes - Food Habits

Red Foxes make perfect hunters since they have a well-developed sense of smell and hearing. The species can also boast acute eyesight. These animals are omnivores and can eat whatever is in sight. However, their favorite foods include mice, squirrels, rabbits, and other small mammals. When available, berries, grasses, beetles, fruit, carrion, etc. are also eaten.

Red Foxes hunt usually during the night. They are known to travel up to 5 miles in search of food. As a rule, they stand motionless making their senses work and detect the prey. After that, the Red Fox will leap on the prey and pin it with its forelimbs. On the average, Red Foxes eat up to 1 kg a day.

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 Red Foxes - Pictures
Picture source:
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 Red Foxes - Pictures
Picture source:
NatureWorks ©
New Hampshire Public Television

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 Red Foxes - Pictures
Picture source:
NatureWorks ©
New Hampshire Public Television

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